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Providing Demolition, Excavation & Asbestos Removal Services
Covering the whole of Northern Tasmania

Your Trusted Partner for Comprehensive Asbestos Solutions

At Asbestos Removal and Advisory Services (Tas), we are your dedicated partner in providing top-notch asbestos removal and advisory services. With a firm commitment to safety and quality, we specialise in efficiently eliminating asbestos hazards from your environment while offering expert guidance every step of the way.

Providing Asbestos Removal Services

Covering the whole of Northern Tasmania

Our Services

Asbestos Inspection and Testing

We understand the importance of accurate identification. Our team of certified professionals conducts thorough inspections and precise testing to determine the presence and extent of asbestos in your property. Reliable results are the foundation of effective removal strategies.

Safe Asbestos Removal

Safety is our priority. Our licensed experts adhere to stringent safety protocols and industry regulations during the asbestos removal process. We utilise advanced equipment and techniques to guarantee the secure and systematic removal of asbestos materials.

Expert Advisory Services

Beyond removal, we provide comprehensive advisory services to guide you through the entire process. Our experts offer tailored recommendations, ensuring you understand the risks, the removal procedure, and the necessary precautions.

Disposal in Compliance with Regulations

Proper disposal is paramount to maintaining environmental integrity. We strictly follow local and national regulations for the responsible disposal of asbestos waste, mitigating any potential harm to the environment and public health.

Thorough Post-Removal Inspection

Once removal is complete, our team conducts a meticulous post-removal inspection. We provide a detailed report to verify the successful removal of asbestos materials, giving you the assurance of a safer environment.

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